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Jensen Strategies is pleased to offer our municipal manager recruitment service.  We tailor our recruitments to the specific needs of our clients and leverage our local government experience and connections to identify the best candidates for each organization. 

We bring stakeholders to the table to help them achieve consensus.  Our facilitation processes are designed around inclusion and active engagement because the best decisions are those built on diverse input.  We also work to ensure our clients' decisions lead to tangible actions that can be readily implemented.  Our collaboration projects include community visioning and strategic planning, goal-setting retreats, and advisory committee facilitation.

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We research and analyze policy issues to help organizations make informed decisions.  We believe thorough fact-finding and insightful analysis provide the foundation for solid decision-making.  Our work has included diverse public policy areas such as emergency services, gang abatement, and municipal court issues.

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We conduct operational and cultural assessments of organizations to identify and address service delivery performance.  We work closely with clients to interview key leaders and employees, understand key relationships and overall culture, gather performance and productivity data, and identify opportunities for improvement.  Our comprehensive assessments result in specific recommendations and implementation plans designed to move organizations forward effectively. 

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