Jeff Aprati is a partner at Jensen Strategies, LLC, which he joined in 2016.  He manages and provides strategic direction for client projects, and conducts senior level oversight of firm operations.  Jeff has worked closely with numerous jurisdictions in Oregon and Washington, specializing in strategic communications, group facilitation and mediation, strategic planning, organizational assessment and development, and policy research.

Jeff has a robust background in local government administration and management, having served as the City Manager of Wheeler, Oregon and worked with other jurisdictions including the cities of Banks, Lake Oswego, and Forest Grove.  While in Wheeler, Jeff helped the City implement its 2011 Vision Plan, incorporating its tenets into concrete policies and practices for the organization.  He worked closely with the City Council to strengthen and streamline operational and management practices, develop policy and organizational goals, build consensus, and work toward resolving long-standing disputes, including over the disposition of the city’s long-disputed waterfront property. Jeff’s city management experience enables him to provide specific expertise and valuable insight for our municipal clients.

Jeff holds a Master’s of Public Administration degree from the Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University.  During his graduate studies he completed projects for a variety of Oregon municipalities including budget development and policy analysis for the City of Banks, program evaluation for the City of Lake Oswego, and economic development for the City of Forest Grove. 

When he isn’t busy working with cities and counties, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, reading long volumes of American and European history, being an obsessive football fan, indulging his insatiable curiosity about the world, cooking, and playing the piano.